oh burning man. it is such a conscious experience. yeah, 2010 was my first year and most everyone i ran into on the playa was enjoying their first year. we looked at each other with the same gratitude for having the experience. i felt naturally high and intensely ALIVE, watching the sunrise almost everyday and dancing so fucking hard.
the sunrise.
watching the colors change, the dome of the world completely visible! i wish you were there( if you weren’t).
returning back to san francisco hurt-hurt my body, my soul and heart. i didnt want to leave the most beautiful place i’ve ever found. i slept a lot when i arrived back, dreaming about black rock city and considering the option that i manifested burning man, that it in fact never happened?!
not true. it did happen-i have the sore body and fairy dust all over my apartment! and i documented everything with a camera. yes, i have photographs. it was “real”
it took until now to realize i can do whatever i want. no one can tell me no except myself. why haven’t i felt this way before? that i can manifest anything into life, just like i did at burning man? burning man is a collective dream, i was apart of the dream and was open to receiving and controlling it with my whole energy.
manifestation, is true. is life.
awwww, now i can be at peace. cant wait for the magic of burning man 2011- when im awake in the dream…. im awake in the dream right NOW.


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