prop: cigarette and punk

the truth is i was a punk rocker. i had these black boots that laced up just below my knee and made me 3 inches taller and id stomp everything in my path with em. wore them everyday and my favorite thing to destroy was fruit.

i’ll give you a story of my ex-badassness. ahemm

was talking to some dude who was a total yuppie about my fruit stomping fetish..dude says to me(very condescending) “what!? is there like a bunch of fruit hanging out on the streets of san francisco or somthin?”

and i said  “hell yeah there is!” and immeditaly dropped the orange i happened to be eating at that moment.


stomped it till it was oj.

yeah i was punk( the story above is extremely altered to what “really” went down, but who cares)


© shea greene

click for high rez


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