Something is happening, which is not happening at all….

Its all unpredictable. Life is fascinating and ever-changing and through travel and entering a different culture, those words will resonate more deeply. I felt the magic of life showing itself when I left Arizona to live in San Francisco, when I graduated from collage, being madly in love with a person for 2 years, and my out of body experience with DMT. Im feeling excited and there is also a part of me that is sad. I know the remainder of this year is a force on its own. Im being feed knowledge, patience, love, devotion, and commitment to myself. Im having feelings that are unique to anything i’ve felt thus far and im loving the luminosity it is giving my life situation.

I breathe in deep belly breaths and for some reason or another, my emotions stir.  Like there is so much to lose and much to gain. There is just so much happening!

NOW Guatemala is coming up, I know my life path is swelling and creating roads that i’ve never imagined.  I am fearless of the future. I anticipate its excitement and unpredictability. I rejoice in the past and learn from it. Im exactly where im supposed to be. Aren’t we all?


Bay to Breakers 2011

Santa Rosa 2011 at The Mcdonald house. Karanina and I

On Golden Gate Bridge 2011

Dustin and I at Union Square. Holiday 2010

Russian River 2010. Jillian leading the way.

Home sweet home. Merly, Karanina, and me


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