bakersfield? B A K E R S F I E L D!

The city of Santa Maria isn’t my cup of tea but the outer city is, where the ranches are vast and cattle live. Where you can shot a gun. Basically I wanted to be around the cowboys and girls and that’s excatly what the theme of our time was there. We shot guns, we drank lots of beer, ate meat everyday, and watched a tone of movies. I made my first tortilla soup (made the chicken broth from sctrach and everything) which I would love to make it for you, for the world! We discovered (or rediscovered) that Tom Hank’s voice is very similar to a crow when he yells.

We left our friend and Santa Maria a few days ago and headed out to Bakersfield, where we will be for 2 weeks spending time with Dustin’s grandparents. They head out to Mexico in a few days so we’ll be here housesitting there two lovely dogs, beautiful home, and playing house. Oh yeah, and they have a cat, Friendly, who is 20 years OLD. Time to get to know Bakersfield. And grandma Claudia is leaving her car for us, the Duchess ( the RV’s name) is posted!

And Between us, I cheated on Bobs (donuts in SF) with Smiths (bakery in Bakersfield)….I prefer Bobs.







©Shea Greene


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