Home sweet home

Arizona is a special place to me and I had a wonderful time with my family. The weather was spectacular. Mostly sunshine, had the opportunity to see rain and as we headed up north we saw snow. We passed through Sedona stopping to check out the canyons and food.

I was very active with my family and old friends. My Dad helped fix up the RV even more! Went to the renaissance festival and dressed as pirates with my nephew. Ate some bomb homemade food. Took the train to the Grand Canyon. Snuggled with my brothers and sisters.

Life is good. We left Arizona to come be with one of my best friends who lives in New Mexico. Still here and having a wild time! I feel like royalty.


20120402-094219.jpgMy Nephew, Mason

20120402-094321.jpgMy Dad, Bryan

20120402-094344.jpgA Sedona Vortex



20120402-094519.jpgOne of my sisters, Lindsey

20120402-094641.jpgOne of my brothers, Andrew20120402-094723.jpgA goat. He’s apart of Bearizona, an animal theme park my mom works at.

20120402-094758.jpgThe wild west show before the train





Grand Canyon!


One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Chris says:

    t life grand.I heard that somewhere recently.Love you guys

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