Fluid and crystallized intelligence

New Mexico was a sloppy fun time with lots of homemade food and booze. We went to Albuquerque to be with the love of my life, Miss Karanina. Upon arrival the champagne flowed and the girl cackle went all night. All of us decided to check out Santa Fe’s Plaza one night, where we found our favorite dive bar, reminding us of San Francisco. We continued the road trip to Taos and viewed the famous “Earthships,” homes that are completely self-sustainable made out of all recycled goods. These homes stay the same temperature year-round, air conditioning and heaters are not required. These homes also have their own indoor garden lucious with vegetation and stores its own water from rainfall. Brilliant!  New Mexcico was full of beige and turqurious and the sunsets were remarkable.

We left our dear Karanina and headed south to Rosewell, stoping to get my litle brother something from this strange place. He’s pretty much obssessed with aliens. Our main and final destination of New Mexico was Carlsbad to check out the Caverns. Then onward we went back to California passing thru El Paso Texas, stopping in Arizona to visit a friend in Tucson and onward to Joshua Tree…Round TWO in the Desert, But!! this time meeting up with friends from San Francisco and LA on BLM land. HA!

















2 thoughts on “Fluid and crystallized intelligence

  1. Chris says:

    Wow,what fun. I love Taos,Morro Bay awaits you.Lunch at the Shine.Hikeing Montanya De Oro and Big Sur.Just want to hug you.i’m very selfish…:-))))

  2. Leslie says:

    These pictures make me happy, happy, happy. Esp the one inside that church, the one of dustin in the facehole, and that ceiling of black clouds out the window. Your photos are so beautiful. xoxoxo

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