Benbow’s music and art festival

What a treat this little gathering was. Completely unexpected and a total delight. Met tones of locals, had a few pints of Summer Solitice beer on tap… for the steep price of $6 bucks. Not too bad, since it’s a seasonal sensation( apparently. I don’t know, my super-taster skills usually leave me after the 3rd shot of tequila AND the women at the entrance made us drink all our beers in our bags before we came in. We were a little saucey). None the less, I enjoyed myself fully among Humboldt locals, hula hooping with kids( The Kid Stage was my jam) and talking about nature and how tall the damn trees are!

Pretty damn high on life. check it out.

Im also checkin out “Regge on the River” next month. Humboldt county has me all goosed bummed and falling in love.



This guy’s creeper stare on the shuttle school bus from Garberville to Benbow







Kids stage.



and my little family here.


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