Children of the lesser corn

Summer. Another adventure.

We spent 3 months living on a farm, washing our dishes outside, listening to crickets and deer shuffle through the trees at night. Wild black bears. The sunsets were a regular event, enjoying all the warmth and light the sun provided.

We’ve traveled many places this year. From Portland, Oregon to Albuquerque, New Mexico. TWICE..

I look foward to staying put for awhile….not quite yet tho.

20120910-101821.jpgOur little summer cabin.

20120910-101859.jpgThis is the neighbor’s dog,”Abby.” She came to visit us almost everyday.

20120910-102049.jpgOur lunches on the farm were quite healthy! Kale  salads with a cold drink: Cayenne, Honey, and lemon.20120910-102107.jpgThis summer I officially moved out of my apartment in the city.20120910-102340.jpgMy homegirl came to San Francisco and Van dwelled  in The Dutchess( RV) with me for 3 days. A friend spoiled us with a fancy hotel.20120910-103114.jpgTop: Lydnsay in Sf

Bottom: Myself in Portland20120910-103138.jpgWe mobbed it to Portland to check out a Westfalia Vanagon.20120910-103210.jpgGot the Westy, raged it in Portalnd, spent the night celebrating our new purchase.20120910-103249.jpgThis is Little Miss Sophia rockin the face paint I did.20120910-103237.jpgMade new friends!! The most bad-ass girls I know.20120910-103545.jpg


Slept on comfy carpets….fell in love with Portland.

20120923-172923.jpgAND THE Biggest Disappointment EVVER. The Westy broke. Goodbye NACHO you piece of shit! Broke our hearts. AND..the tow truck broke while our ex-vehicle was on top. Classic. 20120923-172939.jpg…Meanwhile we’re heartbroken and need a set of we got a Volkswagon Car. That bitch broke too. Fuck.20120923-173035.jpg

The Good News!!

1.) I fit the Westy like a glove. The hunt for one isn’t over….

2.) We’re currently in Phoenix, Arizona with the Family and getting the Car worked on. (Wish us luck back to California.)

3.) I made it to AZ in time to send my little sister off to Africa. I made it!

4.) Went to Burning man with our best friends…nof said on that for the moment..


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