Burning man 2012

In between the Westfailia Vanagon breaking down, Nevada City and San Francisco…We went to Burning Man for the third year in a row. Our best friends from San Francisco and Arizona joined forces. This was the first year we had our own camp, properly named, “Camp as Fuck.” I spent most of my time at camp with them, cooking, cleaning, making drinks, and exploring on bikes with my crew. I found so much excitement in their experiences, rather then the previous years where it was mostly about me (well, all about me).

This year was definitely different than the previous ones, where I was catered to, treated like royalty and rode in a private plane around the playa.

I wanted to be where my friends were and that was more special to me than anyone driving inside a giant take-out chow mein box. Or hotties with bodies. well, my friends are pretty damn hot. So..it worked out. I wanted to make memories with people that I already have them with.

The climax of the my 2012 Burn?

Stealing a pirate art car. Dont be all morally worried about it, the guy chased us down and kicked us out after 10 minutes or so. Thrilling as fuck. A massive ship with red flags whipping in the wind, two stories, what a weenie! ( Yes, he totally wanted to kick our ass but its Burning Man. I was wearing a pirate coat….thought it was our ship, Sorry dude.)

The two man bike. Mountain Top and Dustin ( Click any picture for high rez. I highly recommended)


Myself and Don


“Camp as Fuck”


Kyle and Elise

Moutain Top

Hunter and Kyle

The boys from 510- Dustin, Mountain Top, Kyle


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