We met the night my older sister had her first child. I went out to celebrate in the City, started at a bar, then friends hit me up and we mobbed to a massive house party in lower Haight.

Glitter everywhere, men in heels, house music, pink feathers, half empty bottles of hard alcohol, and a funky looking boy with facepaint chillin on the patio.

“him,” I thought. “I’ll talk to him. He looks interesting…is he wearing facepaint? Why?”

I walked strait up to the dude and asked. “cause my friend wanted to paint my face” he said.

Simple as that. Good response.

I couldn’t even begin to see what he REALLY looked like. He had Coolio dreadlocks, random colors splashed all over his face, a dirty white shirt… He’s weird. Interesting. We stayed together that whole night.

“When can I see you again?” he asked while im scrambling to find my clothes and get him out of my bed.

“Well, I work at Rockin Java, it’s a cafe right next to Amoeba Records.” I wasn’t expecting to ever see him again.

Apparently, I also gave him my number.

I didnt respond to his texts. Not that I wasnt interested, obviously enough to invite him home with me. But to actually get to know him…

Not into it. I’m happy single.

So I continued to work at my coffee shop where the coffee sucked, but who cares anyway? The music was incredibly loud, and the customers never tipped. I loved it. It was real.

I was making some super bullshit “coffee” drink when I looked up from my tenth pump of vanilla flavored syrup and there he was. Standing on the other side of the espresso machine. Those stunning blue eyes.

“Hey. What’s up”

“Working. You?”

“Skating. I have something for you” He said so sweetly I was sceptical. What could this stranger have for me?

“Okay. I’ll see you outside as soon as I finish this.”

He waited outside for me with a brown paper bag delicately held in his overly large and very attractive hands. I reached for it and he never looked away from me.

Inside was a beautiful feather headband, each feather strategically placed.

“I made it for you. I just got back from a moutain adventure, I found these feathers and thought of you.”

I couldn’t resist. I put it on and it was a perfect gift. It was so unbelievably romantic that he did that for me.

I had to know him. I had to be his girl.

So I was.


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