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Burning man 2012

In between the Westfailia Vanagon breaking down, Nevada City and San Francisco…We went to Burning Man for the third year in a row. Our best friends from San Francisco and Arizona joined forces. This was the first year we had our own camp, properly named, “Camp as Fuck.” I spent most of my time at camp with them, cooking, cleaning, making drinks, and exploring on bikes with my crew. I found so much excitement in their experiences, rather then the previous years where it was mostly about me (well, all about me).

This year was definitely different than the previous ones, where I was catered to, treated like royalty and rode in a private plane around the playa.

I wanted to be where my friends were and that was more special to me than anyone driving inside a giant take-out chow mein box. Or hotties with bodies. well, my friends are pretty damn hot. worked out. I wanted to make memories with people that I already have them with.

The climax of the my 2012 Burn?

Stealing a pirate art car. Dont be all morally worried about it, the guy chased us down and kicked us out after 10 minutes or so. Thrilling as fuck. A massive ship with red flags whipping in the wind, two stories, what a weenie! ( Yes, he totally wanted to kick our ass but its Burning Man. I was wearing a pirate coat….thought it was our ship, Sorry dude.)

The two man bike. Mountain Top and Dustin ( Click any picture for high rez. I highly recommended)


Myself and Don


“Camp as Fuck”


Kyle and Elise

Moutain Top

Hunter and Kyle

The boys from 510- Dustin, Mountain Top, Kyle


Children of the lesser corn

Summer. Another adventure.

We spent 3 months living on a farm, washing our dishes outside, listening to crickets and deer shuffle through the trees at night. Wild black bears. The sunsets were a regular event, enjoying all the warmth and light the sun provided.

We’ve traveled many places this year. From Portland, Oregon to Albuquerque, New Mexico. TWICE..

I look foward to staying put for awhile….not quite yet tho.

20120910-101821.jpgOur little summer cabin.

20120910-101859.jpgThis is the neighbor’s dog,”Abby.” She came to visit us almost everyday.

20120910-102049.jpgOur lunches on the farm were quite healthy! Kale  salads with a cold drink: Cayenne, Honey, and lemon.20120910-102107.jpgThis summer I officially moved out of my apartment in the city.20120910-102340.jpgMy homegirl came to San Francisco and Van dwelled  in The Dutchess( RV) with me for 3 days. A friend spoiled us with a fancy hotel.20120910-103114.jpgTop: Lydnsay in Sf

Bottom: Myself in Portland20120910-103138.jpgWe mobbed it to Portland to check out a Westfalia Vanagon.20120910-103210.jpgGot the Westy, raged it in Portalnd, spent the night celebrating our new purchase.20120910-103249.jpgThis is Little Miss Sophia rockin the face paint I did.20120910-103237.jpgMade new friends!! The most bad-ass girls I know.20120910-103545.jpg


Slept on comfy carpets….fell in love with Portland.

20120923-172923.jpgAND THE Biggest Disappointment EVVER. The Westy broke. Goodbye NACHO you piece of shit! Broke our hearts. AND..the tow truck broke while our ex-vehicle was on top. Classic. 20120923-172939.jpg…Meanwhile we’re heartbroken and need a set of we got a Volkswagon Car. That bitch broke too. Fuck.20120923-173035.jpg

The Good News!!

1.) I fit the Westy like a glove. The hunt for one isn’t over….

2.) We’re currently in Phoenix, Arizona with the Family and getting the Car worked on. (Wish us luck back to California.)

3.) I made it to AZ in time to send my little sister off to Africa. I made it!

4.) Went to Burning man with our best friends…nof said on that for the moment..

Joshua Tree

This was the cherry on top to my trip. It was fantastic! Since I took so many pictures, they’ll tell the story.





















Fluid and crystallized intelligence

New Mexico was a sloppy fun time with lots of homemade food and booze. We went to Albuquerque to be with the love of my life, Miss Karanina. Upon arrival the champagne flowed and the girl cackle went all night. All of us decided to check out Santa Fe’s Plaza one night, where we found our favorite dive bar, reminding us of San Francisco. We continued the road trip to Taos and viewed the famous “Earthships,” homes that are completely self-sustainable made out of all recycled goods. These homes stay the same temperature year-round, air conditioning and heaters are not required. These homes also have their own indoor garden lucious with vegetation and stores its own water from rainfall. Brilliant!  New Mexcico was full of beige and turqurious and the sunsets were remarkable.

We left our dear Karanina and headed south to Rosewell, stoping to get my litle brother something from this strange place. He’s pretty much obssessed with aliens. Our main and final destination of New Mexico was Carlsbad to check out the Caverns. Then onward we went back to California passing thru El Paso Texas, stopping in Arizona to visit a friend in Tucson and onward to Joshua Tree…Round TWO in the Desert, But!! this time meeting up with friends from San Francisco and LA on BLM land. HA!
















Home sweet home

Arizona is a special place to me and I had a wonderful time with my family. The weather was spectacular. Mostly sunshine, had the opportunity to see rain and as we headed up north we saw snow. We passed through Sedona stopping to check out the canyons and food.

I was very active with my family and old friends. My Dad helped fix up the RV even more! Went to the renaissance festival and dressed as pirates with my nephew. Ate some bomb homemade food. Took the train to the Grand Canyon. Snuggled with my brothers and sisters.

Life is good. We left Arizona to come be with one of my best friends who lives in New Mexico. Still here and having a wild time! I feel like royalty.


20120402-094219.jpgMy Nephew, Mason

20120402-094321.jpgMy Dad, Bryan

20120402-094344.jpgA Sedona Vortex



20120402-094519.jpgOne of my sisters, Lindsey

20120402-094641.jpgOne of my brothers, Andrew20120402-094723.jpgA goat. He’s apart of Bearizona, an animal theme park my mom works at.

20120402-094758.jpgThe wild west show before the train





Grand Canyon!

The Golden State

Venice Beach rocked my world. This is one of those places where I could see myself living. Venice Beach has a lot of flavor, reminded me of San Francisco but on a warm beach full of activities. Lots of characters and the people watching ceases to be entertaining (piercing and tattoo shops open for viewing body manipulations) plenty of tasty food and hotties with bodies.

After our 3 day stay we left the beach and headed to Joshua Tree National Park for a night of camping. We woke up for the desert sunrise followed by a day packed with hikes and sunkissed skin. Later in the afternoon we drove East to ARIZONA! Where I am now-living like royalty in my Dad’s castle and drinking none other then my favorite, tequila!

Cheers!! to being home:)












bakersfield? B A K E R S F I E L D!

The city of Santa Maria isn’t my cup of tea but the outer city is, where the ranches are vast and cattle live. Where you can shot a gun. Basically I wanted to be around the cowboys and girls and that’s excatly what the theme of our time was there. We shot guns, we drank lots of beer, ate meat everyday, and watched a tone of movies. I made my first tortilla soup (made the chicken broth from sctrach and everything) which I would love to make it for you, for the world! We discovered (or rediscovered) that Tom Hank’s voice is very similar to a crow when he yells.

We left our friend and Santa Maria a few days ago and headed out to Bakersfield, where we will be for 2 weeks spending time with Dustin’s grandparents. They head out to Mexico in a few days so we’ll be here housesitting there two lovely dogs, beautiful home, and playing house. Oh yeah, and they have a cat, Friendly, who is 20 years OLD. Time to get to know Bakersfield. And grandma Claudia is leaving her car for us, the Duchess ( the RV’s name) is posted!

And Between us, I cheated on Bobs (donuts in SF) with Smiths (bakery in Bakersfield)….I prefer Bobs.







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