Shits LOCKED!!

Symbiosis was transformative for everyone who went. The festival was held at Pyramid Lake, a native reservation in Nevada. The scenery is breathtaking and intimidating with endless desert-creepy-crawlers. I did go black widow/scorpion hunting one night(more like scouting, nothing was killed, I was motivated to find them since I just shrilled a bottle of Jameson). The lake was soothing and we decided to camp as close to it as possible, basking in its glory of cool air and its healing powers from the desert elements. The land was vibrating energy and it was immediately recognized upon entrance. Im full of gratudity for this experiance, one that is held high…. that has brought my humility to the forground of my thoughts.

I live for this stuff..for family and unity and damn good music and frequent divine intervention.

Similar to Burning Man (which was of course frequently brought up throughout the week) since there were:

A)hellaa Burners B)similar energy C)drugs galore D)sandstorms? yuomp.

But also different given the land’s history. AND the mind blowing solar eclipse. Yeah, we all were cheering for that shit. NATURE KICKS ASS.










20120521-212920.jpgScotty,Micky, Jesse,and Lindsey( all the “eeees” at camp pretty much)


20120521-212928.jpgOur shrine

20120521-213355.jpgMichael and me

20120521-213410.jpgAshley rockin the headpiece I made


20120524-082741.jpgRainbow Racoon and Citrus Camp


Thank you Symbiosis Crew for making this happen.


2 thoughts on “Shits LOCKED!!

  1. Chris says:

    Sweet.Love you guys…

  2. lindsay says:

    shea I love you so much… thank you for capturing our amazing camp. I love every photo! so much magic and my favorite people in the world all in a couple tents right on the lake… xxxxxxxxx

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